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Initial Application Assistance

I assist clients, either in person or over the telephone, with applications for Social Security disability bebfits. There are several benefits of working with an experienced Social Security disability attorney at the very beginning of your disability claim:


    1. The disability claim is supported by a winning theory of the case.

    2. The important issues in your claim are properly framed from the beginning.

    3. Common mistakes, such as not properly describing past relevant work, are avoided.
    4. You will have a guide throughout the disability claim process.
    5. You will have a plan for obtaining the medical evidence (particularly the medical opinion evidence) that you will need to support your claim.
    6. Your claim may be decided more quickly, because your attorney will keep in touch with the SSA on the status of the claim, and supply any missing evidence.
    7. If necessary, an appeal will be filed quickly.
    8. You pay no attorney fee unless the claim is successful.

    One of the benefits of having legal help with the application over the telephone is that you do not need to have a nearby lawyer who specializes in Social Security disability law. Because Social Security is a federal program, an attorney anywhere in the country can assist you with your claim. And the various states follow the same rules, embodied in Social Security's Program Operation Manual System (POMS), when making a disability determination.


Legal assistance with the disability application is particularly important for those age 55 or older, because your vocational background plays a major role in the determination.


How it works


Once you submit the form below, I will contact you to discuss your situation. If we agree that we should file an application for disability benefits, I will mail (or email) you a few forms that allow me to represent you before the Social Security Administration. Once I receive the completed forms back from you, I will call you and we will complete your disability application together over the telephone.


If you are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, please complete the form below if you would to disuss your application for disability benefits with me.


I will get in touch with you within one business day.





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